Sermon Outlines – From Teachers and Preachers

These outlines have been provided to us by many of those that teach or preach the Gospel.  They are provided free of charge to you.  It is the prayer of that these Outlines will be a blessing.  Use them in your personal Bible Study or for the seed for when you teach or preach.

We have seen the need to place a few guidelines for using these KJV Sermon Outlines.  So here are the guidelines.

  • You have permission to use them as the Lord leads.
  • All Scripture references are from the King James Version.
  • Use them with prayer.
  • All outlines are credited to the person that we accept the submission from.  They should credit their source, if known, at time of submission and that will be included.

If you have any Bible Study Outlines you would like to share, you may use our contact page.